Big (2012)



Big is a Hong sisters comedy that illustrates the story of a struggling substitute teacher who is engaged to a doctor. Her fiancé becomes more distant a month before the wedding. Her fiancé and one of her student’s get into a car accident and the student finds himself in the other man’s body. Meanwhile, the student body is in a coma.

My expectations of this drama are too high that’s why I was really angry of the finale (Aaaaargh). It’s so disappointing until the end that they have missed the most important highlight; the swapping of the souls, the meeting of the two brothers and not even any final moment of  Da-ran with the real Kyung-joon.

However, to be calm, the plot is weird, unique and interesting.  It’s my first time in dramaland to see an exceptional story.  Big is still capable of greatness, maybe I am just too weak to handle the result.


Verdict: 8/10

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