Everyone has those moments when you unexpectedly remember someone out of the blue. This sudden memory made me smile as I called it my modest experience.

A long time ago, I met this guy during my time of recovering from my distressful breakup. It wasn’t love at first sight, there were no butterflies grating my stomach, not even a vivid imagination that we could be more than friends. Though at the very start I knew he likes me, I have been just too distant that he could realize it wasn’t easy for me to start all over again.

Months have passed; I never notice that we’ve been hanging out more of what I am expecting. I started to enjoy his company and found myself laughing and responding to his silly games. I understood instantly that I am about to like him.  He was just so funny, witty, religious, gentleman, and kind. I have never told anyone of what I was feeling at that time, I was just so shy to admit it.

One night I received a call from a friend.  She told me she was pregnant.  She’s having a child out of wedlock and a boyfriend that just had left her.

I knew this friend only during the three months of summer; we met and worked together in a part-time job, get along well, and talked about everything under the sun.  In that short span of time, I know she was having a hard time with her guy and one day, he just broke up with her.  Confused, hesitant, and afraid of the situation, she wasn’t sure if she could be able to inform the guy about her pregnancy. Out of nowhere, I offered my help. To reach out to him I asked his phone number and complete name.

My lips weren’t able to move for a minute. I was just kept staring at the small paper she handed me. I recognized the name. I could feel the wind made me shivered. Her guy was the guy I was dating, the guy that I was starting to like. What a peculiar situation.  I don’t know how I manage myself at that moment.  I promised her that maybe I could help and everything will be fine.  I called the guy and informed him of the whole thing.  As expected, he was shocked and mystified. Sometimes life has its own way to be funny and I wasn’t laughing, never in that situation at all.           

When my friend learned everything, she called and has nothing to say but to cry. I said I was sorry. I have never ever imagined something like that would happen. I didn’t know it was him. I know it wasn’t our mistake, it just happened like that. At that moment, I decided not to choose between them. I said my goodbye. I ignored his calls, avoided him in any way I can. I would never betray a friend over some guy, but I can’t also manage to stay with her, it’s too uncomfortable to manage.

Years passed, I’ve heard that they were back together and got married. Of course, I wasn’t invited. They have three kids now. Someday they will remind me of nothing but being a good friend, though my heart was hurting a little.

I know I did the right thing, didn’t I?

Would you do the same?

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