2013 is about to end. In today’s fast paced world we often stunned ourselves of how fast the days gone. Some seize the life in full speed, forgetting to slow down, the rest are just standing, living and making sure that they have been giving their lives a full stroke of fun and learning.

I can’t weigh up what kind of life I had in the past months; I am constantly following what I had and needed to survive in this spiteful, baffling but wonderful world.

I would like to look back, and reflect and to remember moments that I have experienced this year which leads me to accept and learn that everything in front of me was real.

I have learned that…

 You need to laugh at yourself.

Things don’t always turn out the way you planned and the way you think it should be.

Follow your guts.  Most of the time they are always right.

Rest is health. Health is wealth.

Be grateful every day.

To appreciate simple pleasures is to humble yourself.

Spending time with people who supported and believed in you will make you a better person.

Friends come and go.  People change and so do relationships.

There are things that go wrong and you cannot always put back together the way they were before.

Family will always be your family.

Hating someone and then liking them is consideration.

True friends will hurt you and help you to learn.

Saying sorry will not harm you.

Control your emotions or it will control you.

Expect the unexpected.

Life is full of risk. Take it or leave it.

Thank you  2013 for everything.


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