After we unpacked our belongings, we run immediately to the beach, which only took 3 minutes walk from our hotel located at station 2.

Station 1 is where the widest beachfront is and where the most expensive hotels are located.

Station 2 is where the crowd is and where you go for beer and McDonalds.

Station 3 is where you go to get away from the crowd, for some quiet time.


10175021_10152338015194732_7200958320814232045_n            10245541_10152327407334732_8362344495534557643_n

A welcome post to Boracay.

Our first activity for the day is SUNSET PARAW SAILING. It is one of the most enjoyable things to do here in Boracay, especially if you love sunset, warm breeze and sailboat. The sailboat can carry up to 10 people on its outrigger wings and they even have enough life jackets for children. It is safe and romantic too.

1422552_10152337847979732_798766342457570896_n           10171868_10152337847654732_7806278038350832794_n

The breath-taking view.

10245527_10152337847784732_4370950488282093081_n        10264427_10152337847614732_4811267636081165316_n

1979599_10152337847879732_840229672858231749_n      1625747_10152337847669732_1571048533048858115_n

The happy faces.

10153675_10152337848484732_7909380255443913671_n           1795606_10152337847914732_5210836164280735009_n

It was scary but we don’t care.

1610010_10152337848739732_5962718526743788397_n      10153675_10152337848484732_7909380255443913671_n

10155334_10152337848554732_1647101353802316882_n      10012605_10152337848434732_2869615339752777639_n

I love it more because I’m with him.

10171155_10152337849114732_4232917620305439690_n        10253873_10152337848389732_934756454496681557_n

The human mermaid is meeting a new friend.


Never be afraid of the waves, it will sail you down to your soul.


Boracay image @ sunset.


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