Yes, Boracay night life is fabulous. People are all out, restaurants are almost full, and the clubs are always ready to party. True, It was crowded but still you will be amazed of where those people came from, just don’t complain and let yourself enjoy the night!



Our first dinner together, sorry about the plates empty and messy, we ‘re just so overly hungry.


James first henna.

1901483_10152327640194732_3681983108000196975_n       10151172_10152327640414732_2591893892587566833_n


It’s our night, ladies night!

1939732_10152338015964732_2614038206717602980_n       10169367_10152338015734732_5995617696609117035_n


Feel the hot performance from this local people.

1926713_10152338015439732_4807325468903973681_n                   10154008_10152338015124732_8044631003815967745_n

Watch the romantic fireworks with your love ones.

10153095_10152327640054732_3188545523224825687_n       1002685_10152327640704732_4965570476275738347_n

Boracay is derived from the local word “borac”, which means “white cotton”, exactly the word that can closely describe the color and texture of the island sand, so fine and soft.

We slept around 2 am.  Too early for the party goers but we need to wake up tomorrow early to meet the sunrise. Whoa!!

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