HOLY WEEK IN SILENCE (14-18th day)

My family decided to spend the holy week in my grandparent’s province. It is also my time to visit them and offer a prayer personally. Because I wasn’t able to attend their death ceremony, I think this was the best time to pay my respect.

Bacuag is a fifth class municipality in the province of Surigao del Norte, surrounded by mountains, forest, and sea waters. I stayed here for more than a year with my grandparents and returned to the city carrying with a lot of memories. I have loved the place though it was far from the City. The country side is a good place to rest, ponder and enjoy the serenity.

Let’s hit the road!

1488837_10152340616349732_7682229131774409084_n         10151413_10152340616709732_3748878915846737795_n

972203_10152340617614732_758959604308661876_n         10155783_10152340616934732_5042150099235419199_n


Arrived safe and sound!

10170725_775914115775997_2201692243536539670_n           10155101_10152342388504732_5467978120639492586_n

10258576_10152349772154732_5022478523287860466_n          10155526_10152349816219732_1511446092175682313_n

Visiting the old folks!


Welcome to my Grandparents’ house!

1613949_10152349770949732_4334978677038758805_n      10009876_10152349772649732_8642031020029747768_n


20 years ago I wrote this prayer as instructed by my grandmother. I was surprised to see it here. It reminds me of her being a prayerful person, that there is nothing impossible in prayers.


Fresh fish and squid cooked only by Vinegar.  One of the best!


Ready to roam around!


Bacuag Parish Church. My favorite place 20 years ago.

Tomorrow will be coming back to the City. I don’t know when I can visit here again.  I will surely miss the place!


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