Am I happy about my work now? A question that is so easy to ask but difficult to comprehend. I have been working since I graduated college, and just the rest, there are some ups and down I have been experiencing.

My first job was in the Construction Industry as an Accounting Staff. That was where I learned to do banking stuff and money monitoring. I liked my job but the salary wasn’t good enough.

My second job was at the Supermarket as a Cashier. It was a job that I really don’t like at all and I promised myself never to do it again. I just got married and trapped in a place away from the City.

My third job was very tiring but challenging as an Administrative In charge in a Cooperative industry. There I learned so much about people. I gained true friends and earned – hard experiences. It was the time I truly know what was stress and anxiety.  It was fulfilling.

My forth job is in the Travel Industry (abroad) as an Accountant. The worst but learned-lesson work experience. Stress and Anxiety became my best friends. Positively, it helped me to be more patient, prayerful but at the same time cursing bitch. Financially, it assist me to be a stable single parent provider.

My fifth job is still in the Travel Industry (abroad) as an Accountant. This is where I am enjoying the benefits of peace and calming down. Here I realized that there is still sunlight after the storm. But the bad thing are;  I became lazy, tardy and static. I am bored to death really and I feel like I am not productive anymore,  but I believe this time life is paying me back after those tiring & horrible experiences I had from my previous work experiences.

Life is still good after all!


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