NO to P550.00 terminal fee for OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers)

We, OFW is protesting for the automatic inclusion of the P550.00 terminal fee that will be consolidated in the airplane cost, effective on October 01, 2014.

First, there is an existing law stated that OFW are exempted from paying terminal fees. But why they are not following the law? And insisting that we could get the REFUND at NAIA?

Don’t you know that it would take time to get the refund? Are you fully aware of the long process and procedures? Check it here,

Here is the scenario;

They are saying that we can get the refund P550.00, then why it has to be included in our ticket fare in the first place? The logic is; if there is no terminal fee, no refund. As simple as that, there will be no hassle at all.  But then why?

Personally I believe that there is a hidden motive for this, whoever made this memorandum thinks that we OFW are fools.

Upon departure, I am quite sure that not all OFW have the patient to get the refund knowing it would take a lot of time in the NAIA. Some would just leave it for sure. The question is; if we will not refund our P550.00 where it will go??? In the Trust Fund? Aviation security? National Government funds? Airport maintenance fee? For the improvement of one of the world’s worst airports? Damn it!

Abolish this new policy. We are protesting not because we don’t want to help the Philippines but we are fighting for our rights. Give some credits and respect to OFW at least to be fully exempt in this CRAP.



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