Power of touch.   Yes even a little touch can go a long way. Whatever your relationship status and position in life, we need human physical affections. It is comforting, stress reducing and gives us joy and happiness.

What sense of touch brings back memories for me? Well, the touch of my parents during my sickness. I always got sick when I was young and it was really calming when both of them comforted me. I always felt like I was really loved.

Now, I am far away from them and honestly I really miss it. And I was thinking probably my Son miss it too. I just couldn’t let him feel the warmth of my skin, the unconditional touch of my loving hand and my assurance that whatever he feels, I am just there.

So sad but this is the reality.

#365 days of writing prompts#
the sense of touch brings 
back memories for you.

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