“Lately I have had a lot days filled with tedium and whines,
all of them lead me to talk to God with anxiety and a little accusation.

Probably because I have had something in my heart that have gone astray
no matter how much I beg Him about it.

Comparing my situation with that of another is all I could ever do
because a day with this is a day of my hopelessness.

I was asking Him why in my prayers, it was just incompletely answered,
why He can’t give it everything to me?

In desperation, I utter words of Him being one-sided,
I challenge Him to give it all & He’ll see how I can handle it with care.

Until now, God’s plan has been peculiar for me,
Yet, inimitable but full of wonder.

He is more than we can imagine, inevitability,
And no matter of thousands how

Only Heaven knows to answer the whys.”


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