Dear Little Boy

Dear Little Boy,

I have heard you’re doing well in school. You have to because I would blame myself for not helping you up in school stuff.

I know you have more friends now. At least you will feel less lonely without me around.

I am happy you have your grandparent’s right now; they can protect you as much as I want to.

Always be in a good shape little boy so that I will worry less every day of my life.

Please don’t blame me when some moments of your life you needed me and I wasn’t there. If I could just travel in a matter of seconds to be there with you, I’d love too.

When someone asked you about me. Thank you for you are smart to replied that I am here in a foreign land working BECAUSE OF YOU, I feel that I am not useless anymore the way I used to be.

I am learning that the purpose of my sacrifice is more for you and less for me, and that makes me a better person.

I’m sorry that I have to leave you and will leave you again. Please bear the space between us, embrace your loneliness with understanding, and forgive me by your love.

I am missing you so much my little boy, I will be back soon and we will make up the times. I am always thinking every day about you and I can’t wait to see and feel you again.

I love you as always,

Your Mom

letter dated July 14,2009

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