I Just Don’t Want To Help.


I like helping. I like the idea of paying forward. I like my own sentiment that I have saved someone from misery, it was always my genuine way of sharing my time and whatever I have on hand. But, I have one bad experience of helping someone I considered a friend. In short, I have let her borrowed my savings because I don’t want her to end up in jail for ‘Bounced Check” problems. As I have trusted her, I was expecting to get the cash back as per our agreement.

Unfortunately, it never happened. When I needed the money, I couldn’t find her. She deactivated her Facebook account, she never answered nor returned my calls, she even talked to one of our friends but not to me anymore. Certainly, she was avoiding me for the reason that I couldn’t grasp. She just vanished. I feel like deceived, much worse of never regarding our friendship and me as a person. Indeed, it is true that money can change everything!

Honestly, I don’t care if she pays right on time or not, as long as she will tell me honestly what was going on. I can wait. I can find another solution. I can understand.  After this incident, I lost my money & I lost the bitch for good! Well, I can earn the money back, but I will never trust her again.

So, when a “not-so-close person” came to me twice to ask for help about money, I have never helped her at all. I said “no” twice. Call me a selfish cow, but I just don’t care.

I still want to help; you can cry with me, I can come to you & listen. I can help with some stuff, but I can’t help you with money matters anymore, not now maybe.


  1. same reason why I changed my concept of helping people.

    I’d rather help those unfortunates (esp kids) who never had much of a choice than those who earn (a lot) for a living but still chose to drown themselves in unnecessary financial issues.

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