Have a blast in your Travel!

Definitely, I would choose the anywhere door. My heart might be screaming for excitement as a new adventure would begin. Just imagine every time you opened that door, you can visit the places you have never gone. I have read some books & seen some movies about time travel and I don’t know why it fascinates me all the time. I have had always wished to use a time machine & could bring back time, or fix the past, but I know it’s a very bad idea, it always has a terrible consequence.

So I’ll try not to fix my past no matter how tempting it could be. I would rather enjoy the chances of getting into everywhere and have a blast.

What’s in my list?

  1. Take a lot of pictures to places I wish to go.
  2. Talk to people whoever I meet & take a selfie with them.
  3. Buy some good stuff that can bring back for vintage collection.
  4. Video the whole travel.
  5. Can I bring back my dead favorite dog too? & my old journal? plssss.

I can’t think of anything else, I will just figure it out when I’ll take the ride.


In response to the Daily Post: Pick Your Gadget

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