Friends in Scary Times

When you do something scary or stressful — bungee jumping, public speaking, etc. — do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or by strangers? Why?

I prefer to be surrounded by friends.


 One summer time, I traveled with my son & friends to Boracay (beach resort) to spend our 4 days of summer.  We were all excited then. All our activities for 4 days has been planned & we were on the verge of hype to make our travel with lots of fun.

In our day 2 activities, it was scheduled for Snorkeling. We need to leave early since the snorkeling area is on the opposite side of the white beach where the coral reefs & reef fishes can be found there. Actually, I don’t know how to swim nor to dive, I just wanted to experience such a beautiful thing.

When we were about to go to our meeting place, this is what we saw, a gloomy morning with a slight rain.


Then we learned that day, a storm was coming in the Philippines and it would pass along the Island of Boracay. You can’t imagine how frustrated we were. Since we have no other days to re-scheduled the activity, and with the assurance of our tour guide & the coxswain that, it’s still fine to sail & cross the bay, we decided to do it with full of conviction.





And that how it was looked like. Dark, cold & scary.

To be honest, we were all scared! We even asked our tour guide to return back, but he just responded to us with a smile. The rain never stopped for 30 long minutes. The waves violently touched our little boat. I thought I was gonna die. Funny but true.

But do you know what makes that trip so special, though it was scary? It was because I am with my friends. We calm each other with hilarious old stories, teasing each other & making a funny video as if it was our last day to say goodbye.

Then, the rain stopped. The water became clear as the sky.


And we had a good swimming time too.



It was two years ago, but every time we talked about it, we are always laughing.

Indeed, it is good to face hurdles in life with people you love.

In response to the Daily Prompt: Witness Protection


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