Premonition. I don’t know if this is the right word.

It was two nights already that I have kept on thinking about the crucial situation that might be happening in my place where I am in now. It was more than hours for two nights of discerning about it before I fall to sleep. I have never asked myself why I have all those thoughts for nights. Well, I just forgot.

Then, news came up today that Brussels was attacked by terrorist, a big blast to the airport and subway station. Casualties and damages are increasing. Then, I understood about my two nights intuition of critical situation.

This is not new to me. There are times that I unexpectedly think of something disastrous to anyone, anywhere. For example, without warning, I would think someone died from my relatives, with this and that, and the next day someone died either he/she would be close to me or not. There is always something bad happened after my unusual thoughts.

This is not only twice, but so many times happened. I lost counting.

It’s weird, and I have never told anyone about this. I tried to write it every time this thing happened, but I just couldn’t, not until today.
That is why I tried very hard to keep my mind busy and never gave space to think about unusual things. But as I said, without warning, they will just come. It makes me shivered.

I always asked myself why I have this kind of thing, and I just couldn’t find the answers.

I hope this is just my imagination.


  1. I have had similar experiences…in fact events turned out exactly like i had seen my dreams. After reading a lot and discussing with some experts, i have come to know, these are special perception qualities and are not very rare.I know a few other people also who have had such experiences. nothing to be worried about …its just that you are sensitive and receptive to such knowledge.😊

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  2. Many people have these kinds of experiences. A premonition is quite natural.
    The world we live in has been sanitized in such a way that we have lost touch with our inner connection to the world around us. The physical world denies we have these abilities and says it is unnatural to express them.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. They are there to be recognized, and once fully comprehended, used. They are God-given abilities that tie us closer to Source.
    They may be pointing out something that happened half way around the world today, but if we tune into them, they may help us navigate life as it unfolds before us, tomorrow.

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