My Love Eun Dong (K-drama)

My love Eun Dong.

A love classic retro drama about fate and first love. A kind of love story that carried both realism and improbability. A couple who have loved and lost each other twice in their past, and meet again in the third time (present time) with a lot of uncertainties to deal with.

I have enjoyed the episode from 1 to 11, the sincerity and romance are just overwhelming. It wraps up all the mysteries behind Eun dong disappearance. However, after that, I lost the excitement and I skipped the rest of the episodes and just watch the finale.

The finale is quite fine, but it didn’t live up to my expectations.


My Love Eun Dong 001_zps26o4b48k

“Top actor Ji Eun Ho hires ghostwriter Seo Jung Eun to write his autobiography in 2015. Eun Ho is tense, irritable and difficult to work with, but Jung Eun finds her assignment fascinating because Eun Ho claims he began acting not because he wanted to become a star but because he thought being in the limelight would help him find his first love, Ji Eun Dong.  Eun Ho and Eun Dong’s complicated romantic history has spanned two decades, and he’s convinced that he can never love anyone else. As Jung Eun helps him remember Eun Dong and why he lost her, Eun Ho (whose birth name is Park Hyun Soo) looks back on his memories of her, from when they met in 1995 when he was seventeen.”

My verdict is 8/10.

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