One of my sentiments of being a single parent arises once school enrollment comes. Lack of financial support from the father of my son makes me wonder how good his life must be away from this responsibility. Sometimes, I pity myself I wouldn’t deny that, but consolation comes when I think about the past years that I stood up for the challenges and hardship of being the sole financial supporter of my son.

Yes, I am proud of it and at times I keep asking myself how did I do it? I just feel the awesomeness inside!

I am a single parent and I have my pride and I have my son.


To all single parents out there, let’s be determined to be blissful in whatever situation we are in and will might be. We don’t have to force our self to be both parents because God will make up for what is missing.Β  Let’s create the best of us because our contentment and distresses depends upon our dispositions in our life, and not from our situations.

We should always remember, we are good enough. Good enough to pay for the next school enrollment. haha. πŸ™‚


  1. In my many years I’ve seen this single parent thing many times. While it’s hard for the adult, it’s even more difficult for the child. Eventually, the youngster will become an adult and he/she will know who was there and who wasn’t. Don’t give up.

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