Thirty Eight Years.


They stayed in a relationship for 37 years with ups and downs. I know there’s nothing surprising about it. Marriage is just like that; a beautiful dream, but it embraces with shady reality. I witness their struggles and happiness in their relationship, sometimes I wished they had separated, but very grateful it never happened.

One night, when this man came home very late, as he stepped down to our doorway, a hovering knife almost greeted him to his face. In his surprise, he avoided it hastily, or else no one could ever imagine how hard it would hit him or kill him.  This woman threw the knife at him in anger while impatiently waiting for him to come home.

When she saw that he wasn’t hit, she ran to him instantly and just like a wolverine, she released her two hands and scratch his face and neck with her long nails.

It was a long night then and a long week of not talking with each other.

I love my parents but just hate their fights.


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