Eight Years of kicking

Things I have learned as an OFW in Dubai.

Always store rice, eggs, sardines, coffee, and water, you will never know when the storm comes.

Maintain an excel sheet for your personal income and expenses, receivable and payable.

Keep at least AED 100.00 monthly to your bank or piggy bank.

Don’t starve yourself. And never spoiled your food nor throw the leftover in the trash, not all OFW can eat decently 3x a day.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, mind your own business.

If you want to say NO, say it. Don’t be afraid to turn down favors.

Wait to avail buy one take one, promos and discounts, it wouldn’t hurt your pride. And of course, buy only for what you need.

Pay your SSS, Pag-ibig, and Philhealth regularly. There is no pension program for expat.

Live for what you pay.

Need to pl your future. What am I going to do after all of this?

Well, we won’t stop learning every day. At times, there is a new horizon to deal with and problems to unravel, but that is life. What we do is what makes our being worth, in many forms, in anyways, it all does matter.

I am in my eight years now. Still hoping for the best and luck!

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