Stephen is coming back

I am all preparing this day. I am going to meet him.

There are lots of people in the airport arrival waiting area, everyone is smiling. Of course I have my best dress on and a little make up. I only put it on for him. I miss him so much and I have been waiting for more than a year of his return.

Stephen is my long distance boyfriend. But before that, we have been best of friends turned into lovers, and when his family didn’t surpass the financial crisis, he resolved himself to help them by working abroad.

For all you know, it wasn’t an easy option for me to accept, but since this is one of the inevitable realities of life, I just acknowledged it as part of my loyalty to his love.

The two years of long distance communication wasn’t that simple, same to sustain the trust is indisputably difficult, but for Stephen, I was able to comprehend everything. And now I am going to meet him after all the dreadful days of waiting.

I am going to surprise him. He didn’t say to me personally that he is coming back today. His sister Nancy just informed me. Of course I am not upset with him for not letting me know, I know Stephen, he loves to surprise me.

The time has come. I saw Stephen. I am standing very close to the arrival area. A woman is walking with him, clinging in his arm, leaning her head on his shoulder. Both of them are waving in my opposite direction, I follow, and I saw Nancy looking at me with a shameful, sad eyes.

“I’m sorry Zenny, what you see is Stephen and his soon wife to be – Nancy”

I got the txt message and I just stared at the ground.

Can’t see Stephen right now. Tears are cruelly pouring down.

To be Continued….




  1. I hope that isn’t a true story….. but even if it isn’t true, that kind of story can be repeatedly told as true thousands of times. I don’t even have to look for such a story from far and wide….. this has happened to loved ones and friends. Oh, and by the way, I just knew the last part would happen. At least no one was carrying a baby.

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