Call me Jerk – Stephen

I wish I could die today – Zenny

I knew she had an affair with a possessive man. I knew she wanted to end the relationship, but never had. I know I can take her away from him. How? I just knew.

Two summers have gone when I first met her. The moment she entered that door, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. My gazes followed her moves, it became a shadow. I hate to say this, but I was struck by her own lightning.

It wasn’t hard to talk to her, she was full of brightness. After the day I saw her, talked to her and became her friend, I could no longer cease her in my mind.  I know I shouldn’t do it. I don’t want to steal someone’s else partner nor to hurt Zenny, but I just want it as much as I couldn’t fight it. My feeling was not enough to control, I don’t even know how to avoid it.

I may sound jerk, but I tried to break up with Zenny before I could give way to what I feel.  I told her I could no longer sustain the relationship, but never mentioned about the new girl. I asked her to give me space, not to break free, but to fill it for something else. I never tried to say I don’t love her any longer, instead I told someone’s else the opposite.

Zenny never said yes, I just assumed she understood. Sometimes, I do really hate her persistence and yes, you can hate me too for my shallow heart. I’m okay with that.

  • Stephen

To be Continued…



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