Love has many faces. Would you be able to date somebody who changed appearance every day? Can you love enough?


Furniture designer Woo-jin wakes up in a different body every day, regardless of age, gender and nationality. Sometimes he’s a man, a woman, old, young, or even a foreigner. He’s the same person on the inside, but on the outside, he’s always someone new. Looking at a different face in the mirror every morning is hard for him to get used to.

The only constant in his life is the girl he loves, Yi-soo, who knows his secret and loves him anyway. Each time he transforms, Woo-jin must figure out how to reunite with Yi-soo.

This movie is based on Every Day written by David Levithan.

This film shows a mystical element but focuses on the reality of what TRUE LOVE must be. The story is polished emotionally, inoffensive in anyways. You will wrestle with the protagonist heartaches, inner war struggles, undying fidelity, and submission. The story is an inspiration to all, it makes you think, it makes you judge between what shows on the outside and what is on the inside.

Apart from the plot is unique, you will appreciate various transitions of the actors hired to portray Woo-Jin. Character development is surprising and the twist will lurk you on your seat. The cinematography and Photography are stunning too. The acting is marvelous, it gives you chills and goosebumps.

Verdict: 10/10


“The only thing I can’t endure is being without you.”

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