Do you have kids who drastically change their behavior when they become teenagers?

My son’s behavior becomes a problem after he reached the age of 14. Sometimes it confused me if his manner is appropriate to his age or just because he’s in the process of development. I am baffled between ignoring him or punishing him. Remaining calm and telling him what is right seems to give him an extra tantrum too.  He appears to be controlling, and just wanted us to ignore him all the time.

When we tried to correct him or made some remarks when he did something bad, he usually does the smart mouth talking which is really, really annoying. He has no control of his anger at all.  He says what he wants to say even though it shows disrespectful and rudeness.

I really wanted to lock him in the box and just release him when he’s at the age of maturity or place him back on my tummy. You can’t stop thinking about silly things, especially when you expect him to give you strength instead of draining your remaining kindness and putting you to the limits.

How hard is it to become a Parent?  I know it’s more than words to explain. I realized and imagine how my Mom and Pops suffered too when I was in my age of rebellion. I think I am paying the price now.

With prayer, I am hoping that he will settle better than me, that he will discover more good things about people, that time will take his side to mold him into a better, kinder, respectful and considerate man I am praying him to be.




  1. I remember how drastically I changed when I turned 13. Even now 2o years later I’m not sure how that happened. But I’m starting to understand myself better after doing some inner child work. It is also a time when children fight to gain their individuality and independence. It’s really tough I can imagine. Mu son is only 4 years old now but I can see little previews of what it might be when he grows up. You are not alone, hugs!! 🙂

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  2. Sorry about the essay I left! Lol. I just came on to read your reply and it looked as if I high jacked your blog!😳 But your post was so great that it triggered a lot! Thank you for taking it in the spirit it was meant! 😊

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  3. I have two children. If you read my blog, you may realize that I write more about my daughter. Not because I love her more, but the love is different. My son has given me a battle since he was a toddler. I wanted a baby so bad. I’d had a miscarriage before and I was worried that I couldn’t have children. I was so happy when I had him. I remember lying in the hospital relishing the fact that I was a mom. So grateful for a perfect little baby boy. Exactly what I’d wanted. As soon as he could talk he showed his true colors. We thought it was cute, but maybe we should have not encouraged it. I’d say tell grandma what a good boy you were today and he’d triumphantly say “I NOT a good boy!” with a little smirk on his baby face. He’d wait till my mom was around the corner before he’d wave (again with a smirk) He totally knew what he was doing! I waited seven years in-between having kids. I thought I couldn’t love anyone half as much as I loved my son and also felt I wasn’t a good mom, because I knew deep down inside he was difficult. I never was so wrong! I loved my daughter instantly. And you know when people say… “Oh just wait until they turn a certain age? Well, we had a few rough patches but they never lasted long and she was the kid who cared the instant after she sassed etc… We are truly best friends and she is 29.
    Yesterday my 36 year old son proceeded to tell me how great he was, what a hard worker he is etc. He says he has so much money etc. It is all about money for him. No card for my birthday, barely even wished me happy birthday. Thank goodness for social media or I’d never hear from him.
    The kicker was he judged me for going to Seattle for my 60th birthday and taking a week off. My daughter surprised me with tickets to go see my old childhood summer home. And the trip was magical (I wrote about it on my blog.) His whole tirade happened in front of his 4 year old daughter who I had for our grandma and granddaughter Wednesdays. We’d just been on a shopping spree for her 4th birthday. He wanted to know what I’d done for him since 8 years ago when I’d bought him tires for his car, purchased brakes earlier, paid for his registration a few times. Used to do his laundry when he was a grown man etc… he kind of holds me hostage with his love.
    Your blog came up since I follow you, and I had to share something…. NIP it in the bud. Don’t be afraid to reel your son in when he is rude. YOU are raising someone else’s husband and your future daughter in-law will thank you! There is a saying that says :
    That is powerful to me. I was in an abusive relationship when I was younger and I feel that I did a bad job on embracing the above and actually doing it. And feel sad for the sweet girl who has been trying for over six years to love him. I came on here to write a blog about yesterday but ended up writing one on yours instead! LOL. Thanks for letting me vent.
    Just grab the reins today! It’s not too late. Don’t be like me and try to be the good guy all the time. It is not good parenting to keep letting it happen. At 14 you still have a lot of control. Not so much at 36.

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    • Thank you so much for the sharing, it makes me feel that I am not alone, we are not alone in this matter. Yes thank you,for lighting me up, at 14 i still have a lot of control and still can guide him as much as possible. 🙂 Advance happy mother’s day to you 🙂


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