Want some a real friendship bonding?

Stay away from your mobiles. For once, let’s talk about me, you and us.

Honestly, I really don’t like talking to someone who is pretending to listen to me while being busy playing with their phones. I get insulted. It lost my interest. It annoys me. It wants me to leave.


Why we need to meet up, then all we have to do is just stick our noses on the phone and taking pictures with sentimental captions like “happy to see them”? If you want to bond, let us enjoy the moment without thinking what is happening in the social media world. Don’t ask the wifi password, challenge yourself.

If we can’t do that, then shame on you, on me and on us. Let’s stop this concealment and move on to our different lives.

I’m not happy to see you allΒ  lost the essesnce of face-to-face interactions.






  1. Most of my friends know and understand that I absolutely HATE it when they’re buried in their phones while with me. So they automatically set it aside pag kasama nila ko. Napagod na sa sermon ko, so kusa nalang. Hahaha


    • Hahaha. Good for you. I have some friends na matigas talaga ang ulo. They just can’t seem to control themselves sa pag pipindot haha.


  2. Sometimes, I see people meeting up somewhere like Dunkin’ Donuts, they get their coffee and donuts and spend almost the entire time staring down at their black mirrors….it seems the more we are connected, paradoxically the less we are connected.


  3. I super hate it when people I’m with do this. It doesn’t matter if we haven’t seen each other in a long time or not, it’s very disrespectful. Sana sa FB na lang tayo nagusap, lol.

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