In the days of cell phones, Facebook and Twitter, letter writing can seem outdated. Even on birthdays, we tend to depend from Facebook notifications, Well,  I’m a little guilty of this.  I used to save all the birthdays to my cell phone’s calendar and journal too, but lately, I was stuck into sluggishness wherein trusting to social media was the easiest way to remember and greet someone.  Well, in fairness, it is accessible expressly if the person is out of your reach and you can find them only through the internet.


So for this month, I started to give birthday cards to my two friends without greeting them in the Facebook.  I want to continue doing this old school style which I really enjoyed back when.  I really want them to feel my effort that is especially for them.


Well, I’d love to receive letters too, but I think I don’t have any friends who are old fashioned enough. What about you? What is your style, are you the conventional or the modernist?




  1. I send letters to my daughter at least once a month. She said she enjoys receiving snail mail. One of her childhood friends still writes long letters to her. Her friend’s mom is my friend. My friend writes individual Christmas letters.

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  2. I gave a birthday card to a friend last month, and always give family members cards; especially ‘talking’ cards. They love them. I also enjoy receiving cards. Birthday, Thank You, Thinking of You cards, Get Well cards when I was ill a couple of years ago. Nothing beats a real, paper/cardboard card; at least not for me. Yeah; I guess I’m a traditionalist; though I also understand the more modern tech form; but, it’s just not the same for me! 🙂

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