I miss my homeland today, especially they are celebrating the KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL 2017. This Festival is an annual celebration held in Davao City, Philippines, the hometown of our President Duterte. This feast marks a celebration of thanksgiving for life, nature and abundant harvest.

Along with it are the extravagant floral and fruit floats parade with ethnic street dancing which we called Indak-indak sa Kadalanan competition.


                                                                                                  Photo credit to the owner




BAGOBO TRIBE.   Photo by: Tambok

Since Davao City, Philippines has a golden rules to live by when you are there. Here are some to be followed to keep the Festival safe and for you to avoid any unnecessary problems.

  1. No smoking in public places.
  2. No alcohol beverages after the 1am liquor ban.
  3. No driving beyond the 30kph speed limit in the Davao Central District. No drunk driving. No driving or riding motorcycle without helmet.
  4. No carrying of firearms and bladed weapons.
  5. No carrying of backpacks and water containers/bottles that are not transparent.
  6. Bring identification cards always.
  7. Foreigners are advised to bring passports and other proofs of identification.
  8. Call 911 for emergencies.


Madayaw Dabao! Happy 32nd Kadayawan!




    • Haven’t tried the 911. Yeah, have known someone who called 911. So far, they responded so quickly and reach the scene in just a few minutes πŸ™‚


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