“I am still learning how to separate myself from people who aren’t on the same page as me.”

Honestly, this is not simple. There are things to contemplate before letting go of yourself to someone. It is not like someone ask you to give them space, I think that would be easier for me, but I am the only one who wants to detach myself from people that I cannot get along with anymore.

Actually, nothing really happens badly that I would think of this way, but I woke up one day that I could see the difference.Β  You know, like when you don’t have any more to talk about and laugh. Unlike before when you were just sitting together, it doesn’t matter if you do have a conversation or not, the sense of comfort was still there. And I’m feeling the contrary now.

So I am starting to separate myself from them. Hoping one day they will ask why and I can tell them the naked truth.






  1. People come and go in your life, even family-members. I think at each new face during our life, new people enter and/or leave. Sometimes sad, sometimes a relief, but in the end always a lesson learned and a memory to cherish, or to forget quickly.
    Stay strong, XxX

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  2. I feel the same exact way… It just happened to me with my best childhood friend and you know, it feels sad to give that up, but I think if you don’t feel comfortable around your friend, if you feel like you have to pretend and the conversations are lacking depth and flow, then why waste your time? The connection is not there anymore, it’s not something you can change or work on. The way I see it, we’ve changed and that’s not a bad thing. Sorry for the length of this comment… πŸ˜…

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  3. Separting ourselves from people we do not feel comfort with them is a good behaviour cause life is to short to spend it with people who make us unhappy !!

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