BACK TO THE 90’s (Thai-Movie 2015)


A teenage boy from the year 2014 steps into a phone booth and is transported into the past–the 90’s, a time before cell phones and Facebook. He tries to repair the relationship between his mom and dad by distracting his dad’s childhood friend, but he finds himself falling in love with her.

I want to go back to the 90’s and I will not burn my Diary and will keep it for life. These are one of the few things I want to change if I’ll be transported into the past, but for this movie, our main lead unexpected travel helped to restore the relationship between his parents in the current scenario.

What I like about in this show is the detailed reality of being secretly falling in love and the struggles of unrequited love. It was fun to watch with 90’s vibes and series of comedic event.  When it comes to time travel, this film didn’t prioritize that part. There are some flaws that have been laid out particularly the effects of going back and forth that has not been elaborated well.  However, this film is good to watch on your lazy day.

Verdict: 8/10







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