Choi Kang Soo is a deliveryman. In spite of his humble beginnings, Choi Kang Soo is fearless and gives it all in everything he does. Lee Dan Ah is another delivery worker. She hates her current socioeconomic status so much that she, like many young people, calls her country “Hell Joseon.” Together, Choi Kang Soo and Lee Dan Ah have a budding competition and romance in their quest for glory. They compete to conquer life but, as our two delivery workers soon learn, being the strongest does not guarantee success.

Strongest Delivery is not a solid drama, however, you will enjoy the relaxing mode of the show. The plot shows the hitches of what is in the outside world and how does our young adult react themselves to beat the uncertainty, competition, and problems realistically.

You will definitely know the life and struggles of our deliverymen, that this job for them is not a laidback at all. It might change your mindset and appreciate what you have right now. It indicates also that no matter how strong you are, there is no guarantee to have an instant success, you might still stumble and face your endpoint, nevertheless, second chances are evident. You can still go on.

Characters development in this drama was profound. The love chemistry from our main leads are not the superb, but for the second leads are quite enjoyable to watch. A lot of motorcycles in this drama, and of course let’s be nice to our deliverymen because at some point they make our purchasing life easier, and just like us, they are working so hard to have a decent life.

Verdict: 8/10







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