CRIMINAL MINDS (K-drama 2017)


The drama follows a group of highly trained profilers in the fictional National Criminal Investigation (NCI) team who track down criminals to solve cases. The drama is based on the American television series Criminal Minds.

While some of the viewers couldn’t stop comparing this drama from the original series, I have had no expectations at all. Honestly, this show has never been able to give the suspense and action that I have been looking for.  Yes, the team are quite competitive, the cases were interesting and the discussions about the minds and characters of all the involved criminals were appealing, but then I felt something was missing.

I think this drama lacks of emotions, their dialogues, the tone, it was all cold. The execution was totally sluggish and the character development was too flat maybe the reasons why I couldn’t get the hype of the story at all.

And I hate the Reaper episodes. He was a multi-talented murderer who uses both knives and guns, a wise hacker, a photographer who perfectly plans his crime. They emphasized an extraordinary criminal who is not easy to catch, but still, I just don’t buy it.

Only Lee Joon Gi made me stay. Even so, I have no regret that I finished the 20 episodes, I just didn’t enjoy it.

Verdict: 7/10






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