BLACK (K-drama 2017)


A drama about the angel of death that lives in the human body and falls in love with a woman. His love is against the rules of heaven and ultimately the death angel will be erased from everyone’s memories.

Black (Song Seung-Heon) is a detective possessed by a death angel. Ha Ram (Go Ara) is a girl who can see the shadows of death. Both are united to save people from death, breaking all the rules of heaven.

BLACK is the master of a plot twist. They turned the puzzle on your head which makes it so compelling and at the same time, you gonna hate it for its craziness and complexity. See, got a mixed feeling of this thrilling drama, but I just couldn’t ignore it.

In this drama, you have to pay close attention, because the story is lying not into the obvious up front, but there are more of deeper events, connections, and people that are going to reveal as the episodes turned into beautiful messiness. Meaning, there are a lot of things and people to keep track in every episode and when you thought everything is gonna to be solved, boom! another twist will appear.

I love everything about it; the story, the actors, and even their plot holes. Even with the flaws, it is one of the best stories I have ever watched. The complex and the intertwined storyline makes the ride worth watching. It’s a thrilling adventure for me more than just a viewer, I feel like I was part of the show, solving the mysteries with them.

Be Black, be thrilled.

Verdict: 9/10

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