RETURN (K-drama 2018)


Choi Ja Hye is a famous television lawyer and Dok Go Yeong is a hot-tempered detective. Ja Hye is hired to defend a member of a chaebol family, but the pair ends up working together on the murder case, where the suspects are all friends in the elite class.

This drama started the question “who did it?” and the thrill began when everyone is a suspect as the case was initiated. One of the elements that I liked is the number of people who are involved with a decent progress of their own styles. They really have a despicable cast of characters which highlighted the sensibility of the story.

Return is a quite typical investigation story, at first, but became madness and suspenseful one. At the moment you might be thought that you have the clear picture of everything, but the elements of twist and turns bring you into turmoil, a pit of lies, heartbreak, betrayals, and murder. It shows the aftermath of every decision they made and how each comes with a responsibility.

For those who can handle violence, I would love to recommend this drama. No doubt for intensity and thriller, it will give you chills.

Verdict: 9/10

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