ANOHANA: The Flower We Saw That Day


Five childhood friends grow apart after the death of Meiko Honma, close playmate of them all. Jinta Yadomi, leader of the group when they were kids, neglects high school and lives as a shut-in when he unexpectedly starts seeing the ghost of Meiko, who can only interact with him and no one else. She has returned to ask Jinta to fulfill the forgotten wish she made as a kid.

This series is a simple supernatural mystery that revolves around the story of friendship and family, on how to deal with loss, depression, acceptance, and trust. No doubt the story flows with sadness especially for children who aren’t able to express themselves well in dealing with the emotional turmoil. Anohana tries to show us how powerful the effect of death can ruin us, and at the same time could be the unexpected bond to heal for the broken relationship.

This anime is a fine piece of work with solid pacing. Despite the negative characters presented in the early episodes, a little development settled into something exciting.  A major plus is a background which is very detailed, the music is engaging and the animations are consistent.

What seems absurd to me are some parts of the characters interactions became over melodramatic which needed not to be. They have given so much time conversing senseless issues and arguments.  It was enough for me by the end of the series that everyone is bawling and screaming to let the bad and sad feelings out from their system, that was the right time to let go.

I definitely recommend this anime for one simple reason; it is a good tear jerker.

Verdict: 8/10

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