My heart was broken when I have learned that one of my friend’s son is having trouble with himself. Aside from being shy and a loner, his grades are perfectly great. He is too surrounded by his family’s love and support. No one ever noticed of his struggles, even my friend never realized how bad the situation is, not until she found some scars left on his wrist. The thing is he suffered as a victim of bullying and we knew absolutely the aftermath of it.

She was devastated while confronting him and by knowing the truth, he is feeling unwanted at home and incompetent at school makes her heart baffled the most. Where did we go wrong? She asked. I know as a Parent, that when something’s bad going on with our kids, we always ask and blame ourselves, for any reason, that’s what we are.

As a friend, I can tell her any possible ways to find the solution to his battle, as a Parent, I cried with her. I always believe that no matter how much we love our kids, nurture them, give almost everything they needed, but some end of the day, it wasn’t just all enough.

No matter how much we criticise ourselves by raising them, every decision is always up to them. It’s their life, yes, but we need to try hard enough to fill whatever the missing holes they are coping. We need to be open to them and encourage them to be open to us. Help them to realize that life is a vast road with lots of ruts, but then, we can always be there; to guide, to support, to understand, to share the burden until they can finally hold to themselves and be able to stand amidst of their own troubles.

Life is wonderful and our kids should live with it.

“love the life you live.
live the life you love.”


  1. I do agree with thelonelyauthorblog, but something similar could have been said when I was a kid about TV, video games, and both parents working, when prior to that many mom’s we’re at home. Perhaps it is even amplified more now. I confess to never having had kids. I can only look at my nephews to try to understand a younger generation. I’m also sure that even when mom’s we’re home things were a struggle for kids, if maybe in different ways.

    My siblings and I have made some complaints about our parents throughout the years, but over time I’ve recognized some positives that have come out of the same actions.

    I have learned to love the way I live, but that love wasn’t always constant.

    I particularly like this post’s statement “Help them to realize that life is a vast road with lots of ruts, but then, we can always be there; to guide, to support…” and hope all parents will be there to guide and support, though I know some aren’t always. Given that, I think I’d also remind others that while there are ruts, there are smooth roads and some very pleasant ones. I’ve learned from the rough ones (a positive thing in the end) and tried to savor the smooth and pleasant ones.

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    • I like you stated that love wasn’t always constant, but then there are smooth roads. Thank you for sharing. Indeed, we need to love the life we live 🙂

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    • It is really a challenge, and honestly I am still trying to understand the behaviour of the new generation, not only to get along with them but to comprehend what is really going on. Haha. Life before is simplier. I didn’t even know the word “depression”, I think I was too busy having real fun outside at home.

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  2. The bond between parents and children are nowadays weaken acc. to me, which leads to carelessness of the child.

    The most important thing I believe is to educate our children about bullying, harassment etc. So they might know what to do when they face such things

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    • Must be. I even told my son before not to bully or to be bullied or else, I’ll be the one to hit him. Haha. Seriously, bullying is such a big problem and challenge to our kids. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂


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