“If the friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime.”

Every time this statement floating around my Facebook newsfeed, I couldn’t help but asked myself about it. Agree or disagree? Of course, I disagree, because not all friendships are meant to last forever. It is unfortunate but an inevitable reality.

I have more than seven years of friendship that has been broken and no longer speak to some of those. To have a lifetime friendship, it has nothing to do with this magic for seven years. It isn’t about whom you have known the longest, it’s about who never left your side. To leave friends and have left out, I have learned a lot about why they come and go, why it went wrong and why It should be a two-way street relationship.

Friendship is more than branding each other with promises or pinky swears. It should not be high on empty commitment and passing responsibility. It’s not all about hanging around with each other only in good times.

Friendship should not be established based on convenience, that when things go wrong, feelings will be fleeting and suddenly run away from the burden.

Friendship just like any relationship with your parents, spouses or partners, it should be enjoyed, valued, forgiven and be understood.

And that, I want to say thank you for all the friendship I have, to me you are all like home.


  1. I agree. While odds may exist to show many friendships past seven years will hold I believe it is the quality and willingness for respective parties to quickly resolve conflicts, not letting them damage relationships. Excellent insight.

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  2. Many of my seven-year friendships already faded. But I feel lucky I have some of my long-time best buds are still with me. We don’t talk a lot though but we try to catch up whenever we have a break on “adulting”. Lol.

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  3. I also disagree hey because I have plenty of friends who have been in my life for longer than 7 years but it’s more like we are still in each other’s lives merely because we are waiting for the other to disappoint us so we can just officially stop talking. It’s not even genuine friendship anymore 💔

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