When my son was 12 years old, we recognized that he has a talent for singing. His grandparents always caught him enjoying songs and sang with it in a very low mode tone. I think he doesn’t want anyone to hear him sing. When he requested me to buy him a guitar which I did, I knew it was the start, but not too sure when he will take a giant leap and realize how talented he is.

Although we encouraged him time to time to show his talent, it wasn’t good enough.  Not until he became close with his classmates where they shared the same interest for Music. All of the sudden, the shy boy transformed into a confident, upbeat happy vocalist. I am very pleased to see him enjoying his talent. From singing in the school theater and programs, birthdays, wedding, for fun at the karaoke, I couldn’t describe how proud mama I am.

I realized that it is important that our kids should not be isolated from their peers. Our love and acceptance will comfort them to develop the basic trust to go out and create bonds with others.  In my experience, my son unfolds his skill, confidence, and self-esteem when he was able to build a friendship that gives him support to improve his social skills and whom he enjoys being with.

Though Parents have the vital role in developing their children socially, still we cannot make friends on behalf of them, that’s why it’s our concern to guide and let them be aware that apart from the four corners, there are so many things to be fully enjoyed.

As a mother, I have always prayed that my son will always be surrounded with good people and that made my heart at ease.



  1. So proud of your son and for your parenting ❤️ I love music too so much an it’s important to let kids follow their dreams. I sang in a choir for 11 years and I loved it. I really do miss singing. Maybe, I will join a choir again in the future.

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