Image from Jean B.

This is not a feast, it is s BOODLE FIGHT.  Simply one of the settings of Filipino culture, originally a Philippine military practice of eating with their hands symbolizing of camaraderie, brotherhood, and equality by sharing the same food without regard to rank.

This manner is not limited only for our soldiers but has been practiced among ordinary Filipino people. Even food establishment is offering some kind of style in their menus and perhaps anywhere in the world with the influence of the Filipino community.

I remember when I had my first boodle fight with friends, it was really fun and the value of friendship and closeness has been presented. And of course, you have to eat fast if you don’t want your stomach left empty. To those who are hesitant for reasons of personal hygiene, well, just dug in and enjoy the food because at times the oneness is worth more than all the buffets at the expensive restaurant.

Try and enjoy!

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