Image from Marie C.

Every time you are a burden that you could get stuck in some kind of work you don’t care about, well, look at the people above, do you think they like their job while carrying some sorts of bricks with the smell of sweat in the air? Maybe they do? who knows right?

One of my friends always complained about the job and the people around her. It was always the same answer you’ll get when you asked about it. I think she’s completely overtaken of negativity that not even a little optimism you can sense from her. I know pessimism and complaining are contagious, so the more you feed it the worse your feelings and attitude become.  Without hesitation, I always advise her to let it go, resign and find something better.

When people complain and didn’t do anything about it, there is no way they can change their situation, I believe in that. I was once in that scenario and the agitation was unbearable. Just think of this “if you work so hard at a job you hate, imagine what you can do in a job you love”.

So decide and never let the anxiety eat your beautiful brain.



  1. I have a friend who is just the same… She is scared if letting go…and scared to continue in the same place too. No matter how much we support and encouragement, only they themselves can take that final step… only when they are ready, find the courage to start anew… Till then, I guess, we can be a friend who helps them get ready to take off…

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