ALONG WITH THE GODS: Two worlds (K-movie 2017)


After a heroic death, Kim Ja Hong navigates the afterlife with the help of three guardians Kang Rim, Haewonmaek, and Deok Choon. All deceased must meet the gods of hell and face trials of murder, indolence, deceit, injustice, betrayal, violence, and filial impiety over a period of 49 days. However, their plans of getting him through hell become even more challenging as a vengeful spirit exist and wreaks havoc on the real world. With the aid of his guardians and motivated by the idea of meeting his mother once more, Ja Hong and his guardians face obstacles and find reasons by journeying through his emotional past in order to clear him of any accusations and prove that he has lived a noble life.

Oh man, I love this movie! I was thrilled to watch this since afterlife and grim reapers story plot constantly made me curious. It is always been one of my favorite genres.

Along with the gods got me to think of my own life.  I was almost convinced that I might go for 7 trials when I die and be resurrected. But since this movie serves as a doorway for realization about human’s sin and punishment afterlife, it is hard for me not to contemplate about what I have done on this earth and all the decisions I have made and will make.

Back to the movie, this film packed with supernatural action and heart-wrenching stories at all the right moment with a fair balance of dark reality and comic break. It will take you to a roller coaster of emotion carried by the good performances of the main actors along with the strong plot conviction.

Character-wise is simply relatable with the essence of virtues rooted within. The stunts and the scenes were executed perfectly. The CGI is not that good compares to Hollywood but still, the visuals are quite decent and appealing plus the action sequences are fast-paced and never boring.

This movie may sound perfect, but it is for me. I totally enjoyed it.  I have anticipated also the next sequel which they will show the past lives of our three grim reapers, I think I am more excited for it.

Obviously, got to rate this 10/10. I acknowledge the purpose of this film is to teach us lessons although it is somehow obvious in every day – that we should lead a life with a forgiving and righteous heart amidst of all the struggles and challenges.


Enjoy the movie!

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