Two weeks ago we experienced such a devastating event. One of my friends was very sick and having trouble with high blood pressure. We thought it was just a minor stroke, but when the doctor informed us he must go to the ICU, we almost lost our breath. It was our first time and hopefully be the last one to deal with such crisis, it was nerve-wracking and heart-wrenching.

Thank God, as of now, he’s out of ICU and passed the critical period. If we were late sending him to an emergency, he must suffer a bit. He has a brain hemorrhage. And though he still has some weakness in his arm and a quite difficulty of speaking, we are still grateful for the development.

To be honest, it was very difficult for him to experience this breakdown alone (Family is in the Philippines). He had no choice but to alarmed his friends for help, which we really don’t mind at all, instead, we are relieved that he called us immediately. Though we cannot take care of him for 24 hours as we need to go to work for the day, there are still good people who manage to stay with him at night.

One thing I have learned from this episode is how important to have good friends around, especially if you are away from your family or relatives. I can’t imagine if I were in his situation and have no one to call. Insurance is a big thing too, we are grateful that we just paid AED 10.00 ($3.00) as of now.

Health is wealth. We should always consider what we eat and what we drink according to our age and health condition. If we feel something really bad is going on inside our body, should not be taken for granted, go to the doctor and be examined, prevention is better than cure.

Just want to say Thank you, Lord, for saving our friend and positively help him to recover at the soonest. God is good all the time!

Jun E.


  1. Being seriously sick is bad enough, but being away from your family when you’re critically ill is really depressing. I am glad that you have a good network of supportive friends where you are, and also glad to hear that your friend is doing better.

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