Fullmetal Alchemist (J-movie 2017)


When they were little, Edward Elric (Ryosuke Yamada) and younger brother Alphonse’s mother passed away. The brothers attempt to revive their mother and perform a human transmutation which is taboo in alchemy. Their attempt fails. As a result, Edward loses part of his body and Alphonse loses his whole body. Edward sacrifices another part of his body to affix Alphonse’s soul to a body of armor. Edward goes on to become an Alchemist. He sets out on a journey to find the “Philosopher’s stone,” which has the power to get back what they lost.

I never tried to watch the original anime version of this show though I have been hearing and reading some good comments about it, and while watching this film made me appreciate the uniqueness of the whole plot. I find completely interesting about the rules and concept of “The Laws of Equivalent Exchange.”

Fullmetal Alchemist has some good things to consider; the visuals are good and has the element of fantasy you can imagine. Computer graphics is not that at best but enough to be praised. Given the plot is solid, showing the significant aspects of family, friendship, loyalty, and self-sacrifice made the story into a remarkable one.

There are some flaws also spotted in this movie, I just feel the main character’s lack of charm and most of the time, I wasn’t able to connect with his emotions. But still, this movie deserves to be watched.

Verdict: 8/10

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