Anarchist from Colony (K-movie 2017)


Set in Korea under Japanese rule period. In 1923, an odd rumor spreads that around 6,000 Koreans are massacred after the Great Kanto Earthquake. In order to conceal this event, the Japanese Ministry decides that they need another big issue to divert people’s attention. They then pick Park Yeol who’s active in the anti-Japanese movement at Bullyeongsa Temple to be the center of the new scandal.

Park Yeol, aware of Japan’s scheme, admits to planning the assassination of Japan’s Crown Prince with his wife and comrade Kaneko Fumiko. The trial that will go down in history finally starts and he risks facing the death penalty. Korea’s first-ever high treason criminal, the most stubborn among stubborn Koreans, the most ill-mannered defendant, the first scandal that will shake up entire Japan. Park Yeol is in the center of it all.

One of the best excellent biopic films I have ever seen. The story was told clearly and dramatically, which is easy to understand and connect to all the characters. There aren’t any redundant or excessive sequences just to connect the whole events, every detail is significant and presented impeccably.

Apart from portraying the terrifying history of Koreans while living in Japan as they experienced racism, discrimination, and even killings, the life of Park Yeol and Kaneko Fumiko as they fought for what they believed never loses its focus. With the classic visuals, cinematography, meaningful dialogues with mingling wit and humor and flawless acting, I truly enjoy this movie deep in my heart.

Verdict: 10/10

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