I believe Baku is a blend of the old and new settings of traditional and modernism. As what I have learned after Azerbaijan got independence, their development has been progressing. Despite the short duration of our time in Baku for only four days, we were able to do and visited some places.

Climb the Maiden’s Tower

The Maiden’s Tower is one of the oldest buildings in Baku. It is their legendary place and world-famous landmark. It was included into the list of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in December of 2000.

The Tower consists of 8 floors which each has a number of displays, an interactive of explaining the history of the Tower and of the city.

Entrance Fee: 4 AZN/ 2.35 USD

The Palace Of The Shirvanshahs

This palace serves as an important piece of Azerbaijani history which was built in the 15th century by Shirvanshah kingdom who ruled mostly in the current territory of Azerbaijan in 861 — 1538. The palace consisted of mosques, the mausoleum of the king Khalilullah buried with his mother and sons, bathhouse, Murad’s gate, and museums.

Entrance Fee: 4 AZN/USD 2.35

Miniature Books

This store is located in the Old City of Baku. Tons of small/mini books collected from all around the world. I find it very amusing and one of a kind collection.

It would look big in the pictures, but this is the actual size.44568843_573916216371613_5396789148029812736_n

Entrance Fee: FREE

Baku Old City

I really enjoyed walking in the old city. It was a long walk but refreshing.  I love seeing the old walls, old buildings, and houses, the clean street, park, shops, and restaurants. The city is full of characters to learn and experience.

Food and Drinks

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