“I wish for just one moment that I could have you back and sit upon this bench a while and have a little chat. “

Grace father’s favorite spot.

It is true that we always take for granted the people we love, for thinking that they will always be around. For some reason, we tend to appreciate them less and being ungrateful of their love and kindness. Our time has never been enough to compensate for their yearnings, and when the time comes they are not around, regret fills our system.

Grace’s father had a major accident and was in the coma for several months. It was an agony for her to see him in comatose and 50/50 chances to open his eyes again. But for her, there is no impossible. She believes God’s mercy and her father’s willingness to survive.

How she regretted the times that she wasn’t able to show him more the appreciation he deserves, still, a hope in her heart that one day, there will be no more bitterness.

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