Have you ever experienced that you are somewhere between giving up and still wanted to see how much more you can endure? I think we all do.

Have you noticed while you are in the middle of feeling unfair for not getting the “thing” that you want, you probably think that since one door closes, another one opens? We sure have this in the minds.

After all the rejection, humiliation and frustration, you still believe that life might lead you somewhere to find the true help, to fathom the confusion and dejection.

HOPE. That gives us strength and courage.


TO EACH HIS OWN, is a Japanese film that speaks about the real circumstances of being at a low point in life.  The plot is very meaningful and relatable on some important issues in our society; work, family, depression, suicide and redemption.

While watching this movie, while feeling so uncertain about some issues in my life, it helped me change my perspective at that moment and told myself, there is still something I can do.


“In life, there is always the pain. But, somewhere, there always hope. If you lose hope, look for it. If you can’t find it, make it. And if you ever lose hope in doing that, just start over again.”

Verdict: 10/10

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