When Summer Visited Me At Night




Summer in the year 1993, I was on the north side of the Philippines.

There I met this guy named Felipe, who was having his vacation out of the ordinary. He was there for a summer job at his relatives’ mechanical shop and I was there to look at and bond with my grandparents. I notice Felipe amongst from the rest of his cousins because he was tall and fine-looking. The first time he met my eyes, he smiled and waved at me. I got all nervous, but I was able to do the same.

It was 26 years passed and I cannot remember exactly how we became friends and what we had talked about that summer. But when I think about him I couldn’t fail to remember our late night sneaking time, secret meetings and secret exchanged of letters. I was just sweet 14 and wasn’t allowed to meet any guy (which has to justify all the secrets.)

We exchanged addresses when summer has gone.  We wrote to each for about six months, it was all about sending pictures and sharing anything. There was no I love you, no misses no hugs, and kisses.

Then one day, the letters are gone. Couldn’t remember why.

Just couldn’t help to write my summer guy.  I dreamt of him last night. The same tall guy, the meetings and the letters.  I don’t know why. It was the first time after 26 years old of memories.  I don’t even know if he still remembers me but I do hope he is okay.



  1. People enter our lives and people go out of our lives. In my case dear friends are gone and I don’t know how or why it happens. A form of evaporation takes place and I regret it. Impossible to reunite as for most we knew each other by a first name or a nickname only and searches impossible under such circumstanes. .

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  2. Such a precious memory and sometimes these kind of dreams are wonderful as it feels like we really did see the person (for me at least) and other times they might be not so good – sounds like it is good for you
    And thanks for sharing the memory.
    Coincidentally – right before this post I heard a song called unsent by Atlantis Morisette – it was new to me but I have had the CD for a long time! Anyhow – she writes to her ex beaus and it was cool – and tied into your post

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