LUCID DREAM (Korean Movie-2017)

Dae-ho, an investigative journalist, seeks to track down the whereabouts of his son who was abducted three years ago. With the help of a detective and a psychiatrist friend, he retraces his memory of the incident through the use of lucid dreaming techniques, eventually learning how to travel into the dreams of others.


The story is quite unique and consistent. The visual is great and the cinematography is impressive especially the scenes between the real and the dream world.


ILANG: The Wolf Brigade (Korean Movie- 2018)

Set in 2029 where South and North Korea get ready for a unified government after years of preparation. South Korean police launch a special unit, known as “Illang” (The Wolf Brigade), to stop an anti-reunification terrorist group called “The Sect”.


Entertaining and action-packed movie. The story was a little bit confusing at first but managed to show the whole plot with indulgent. Some of the characters are messy but good enough to collaborate with the story.

Verdict: 8/10

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