Dear My Friends (K-drama 2016)

Dear_My_Friends-p2.jpgDepicts the realistic and enjoyable lives of older and younger people who become dear friends.

I loved this drama.  The plot is perfect. It’s a masterpiece that showcases the different layers in life – love, family, friendship, and relationship. The main leads are grandpas and grandmas but don’t underestimate them, they will make you laugh and cry hard enough, they will let you see that there are so much in this show to offer.

Dear My Friends is a reflection to live. The writing is so sincere that could be able to reach to your heart.  The characters are relatable with their own kind of adventures and realizations. The pacing is in peaceful tones,  the performances show the different unique personalities in re-experiencing themselves as they steer through their remaining golden years.

I highly recommend this show. With a good story and perfect cast, you couldn’t ask for more.


Verdict: 10/10

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