The Travelling Cat Chronicles (J-movie 2018)


Satoru (Sota Fukushi) is a young man with a warm heart. He has a cat named Nana, but, due to circumstances, he can’t raise cat Nana anymore. He travels with Nana to find a person who will take care of Nana. During his travels, he meets various people like his childhood friend and his first love. His unknown past and secret are revealed. Based on the novel “Tabineko Ripoto” by Hiro Arikawa (published from 2011 to 2012 in Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun.)

Even if you are not a cat lover, this movie is still likable. You can be able to connect instantly with the story and the cat’s perspective eventually will touch your heart. 

As the story begins with the two leaving their home, their journey took them to meet the past acquaintances and friends of Satoru. Though he has the goal to find a new home for Nana, the cat, his backstory revealed and the rest is history.

A well-made movie with first-rate cinematography and warm taste to end your day.

 Verdict: 8/10

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