BOHOL ESCAPADE (Philippines)

Bohol is a province of the Philippines, in the country’s Central Visayas region. It is one of the popular tourist destinations because of the beaches and resorts, and some unusual geological formations. Aside from that Bohol is one of the safest places to travel, the people are very accommodating, and their nature offers you a refreshing and unpolluted life.

Last vacation, I went to Bohol with my family. This province was my GrandParent’s hometown. It was my first time to visit and my Parents comeback after a decade.

Here are some of the exciting things you get to experience in Bohol.

Chocolate Hills



Chocolate Hills consist of more than 1000 hills spread over the are. When I was young, I thought I could eat these hills, that’s why I really wanted to see them but of course, they have nothing to do with chocolates. They are named so because, during the dry season, these hills turn brown and in the rainy season, they are lush and green.  If you want to have a nice view, you have to walk about 200 stairs and you can truly enjoy the amazing hills.

Meet the Tarsiers

Getting to meet the Tarsier is my Mom’s dream. She thought she could hold and take pictures with them, but of course, you can’t. Tarsier is the smallest primate in the world, measuring just 85 to 160 mm. It is noted as an endangered species and you can spot them at the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary only. They are nocturnal and when the time we visited them, some of them were sleeping!


Loboc River Cruise

You have to experience cruising along the green Loboc river, enjoy the short cultural show prepared by the local community and feast on a sumptuous buffet of local dishes.  The floating restaurant usually runs for an hour or so back and forth.


Bohol Bee Farm Resort


Bohol Bee Farm is an agricultural sanctuary dedicated to bee cultivation and organic farming.  They offered also room accommodation and restaurant with full of organic menus.

Don’t ever forget to try their organic ice cream with various flavors.


Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave is one of the many wondrous caves in the island province of Bohol. It holds a bit of history from the Second World War, used as a hideout by the locals to escape from the Japanese Imperial army. You are allowed also to swim from the freshwater lagoon which has 10 to 12 meters deep.




The Shell Museum in Panglao is one of the biggest collections in the world. Every collection you can find in the museum has been the result of more than 30 years of sea exploration and bartering of the collector and owner. If you love seashells, this place is definitely for you.


Butterflies Conservation Center

A simple, colorful landscaped garden full of flowering plants and of course, butterflies. This center is a livelihood breeding program aiming to protect the butterfly population through breeding and releasing and plant research.


You can find not only butterflies in the center but some other animals too like a snake, crocodiles, monkeys, etc.

There are still so much in Bohol to enjoy, I will tour you again!





  1. thank you for promoting Bohol! there is certainly a lot more to explore there. do letus know when you plan to return, so hopefully, we can help you with more treasure finds in the island.

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